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Small business

£ 1.5
  • £1.5 Per 1000 Stitches
  • 12 to 24 Hours Turn around
  • Free File Format Conversion
  • Free Estimates
  • Free Edits
  • Free Resize
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For professionals

£ 9
  • £9 to £22 Per Design
  • 12 to 24 Hours Turn around
  • Top Quality Vector Images
  • Free estimates
  • Free Edits
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£ 9
  • £9 Per Design
  • 12 to 24 Hours Turnaround
  • 8 to 10 Design Per Week
  • Free Quotes
  • Free Edits
  • Free Resize

Outsource Your Embroidery Digitizing Requirements

Finding a quality embroidery digitizing service for your logo, artwork, photograph or any design is really the trickiest part of the work. We at Megri Embroidery Digitizing London has an inhouse team of vector designers and embroidery digitizers who knows how to let everything falls into the right place.

We Work For All Kinds of Customers

Embroidery Shops & Resellers

We are working with different embroidery shops based in the UK that got bulk designs daily to be embroidered on caps, shirts & jackets & for that; they need designs to be digitized in specific digitizing formats where our work starts embroidery digitizing.

Schoolwear/ Workwear Companies

Are you a company that designs workwear or schoolwear logos for left chest logos, caps, jackets or shirts back? Then we are here to work as your embroidery digitizing outsourcing partner and can offer you special bulk order discounts and quick delivery.

Individual Customers

Yes, we work for single clients. So, either you are looking to get an embroidered Christmas tree design for your son’s t-shirt or you want to gift your brother a cap with his childhood photograph, we can get your logo or photo digitized in a given turnaround.


Benefits of Outsourcing Embroidery Digitizing

Increase in Productivity

While you have outsourced your embroidery digitizing work, your business in-house resources are freer to develop new business and marketing strategies to expand work nationally and internationally, further enhancing company staff productivity and leading to better business sales and growth of your Company.

Increased Savings

A single decision to hire an in-house team of embroidery digitizers to come the expenses of salary, training, infrastructure & building upgrades. So, if you want to save money, hiring an outsourcing embroidery digitizing agency is a really good idea to cut down such costs, which help you in saving a big part of your profits.

Reduced risks

There is always a chance of risks in the business due to sudden market changes and compliances and rules defined by Government or State governments. Outsourcing your embroidery digitizing requirements can save you from such business risks to a level and help you overcome ever-changing business scenarios.


Access to the latest technologies

The embroidery digitizing Use EmbroideryStudio is really not pocket-friendly. And in the market nowadays, different embroidery digitizing Work are coming in the market supporting 100s of embroidery digitizing formats. So it’s a really good idea to outsource your embroidery designs to digitizing companies like Megri Digitizing UK.

Volume of designs

Hire a well-experienced embroidery digitizer, so on average. He can work 8 to maximum 9 hours a day in which he can produce approximately only 15 to 16 left chest designs that too depending on the size & complexity of the work. If you want to expand your work and increase no of orders, then outsourcing is the best idea.

Type, Number, and Size Of Orders

Suppose you have an embroidery shop with hundreds of single-design orders for digitizing in a day. In that case, outsourcing your work is the best solution as each order is having different sizes, stitch counts, and types of embroidery jobs to perform. Outsourcing your work to an experienced embroidery digitizing agency will help you deliver work on time.


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