What is Digitizing? 5 Steps You need To Follow To Get The Best Results For Your Embroidery

Digitizing in simple words is the process where a design is midfield and converted into a format that can be further used for embroidery. In old times digitizing was a tough and complicated job, but now with the use of software and new hardware, it has become simple and more refined. 

The digitizing word originated from the simple meaning “Creating Digital Formats”. One can follow various steps to create the best possible designs. The digitizing process does involve various steps, which followed accurately will provide the customer with the best results. Anyone from a big business to a small business or an individual looking to create some embroider should follow the rights steps t get the desired results. 

Now let’s talk, what are these steps?  

Step 1, The finished Design 

Once we decide to proceed further with a design and create embroidery for the particular we need to make sure the design is fully finished and clean. The design needs to be not just drawn on a rough paper and passed on to the digitizing company but made sure is the final product after making sure all the colors and lines are properly marked. 

Step 2, Choosing The Right Company 

The most important step during the process is to choose the right company or software if doing it yourself. When choosing the embroidery digitizing company make sure you have researched well and that the company is already in the business for a while. This will help to share their experience and use your design to provide you with the best results. There should few points which should be considered while choosing the company. 

  • Turnaround time of the company is very important, this will help you to decide on the timelines for your project.
  • Free Edits – Do check with the company if you are not satisfied with the result and if they will provide you free edits, till you are satisfied. 
  • Method of payment – this should be checked well in advance before even sending the designs to the company. As some companies might not prefer your mode of payment and this can later create a hassle for the customer and the company. 
  • Support centre – Make sure to check the support helpline of the Embroidery Company, as this would be important if you need to get any free edits done or change something with the order. 

We at Megri Digitizing make sure to follow all the guidelines which are relevant and necessary for our customers.

Step 3, Providing the Right Information 

This is one of the other important steps to worry about while thinking of getting your artwork digitized. When getting the artwork done, it is important to provide the right dimensions to get an accurate estimate for your design. Also, make sure to provide the best possible image with the highest resolution as some images can be complicated, and without providing the best quality image design can not be as per your requirement. 

Step 4, Check your files when received

Once you have received the files from your supplier or the digitizing company you have chosen, make sure to check the files for any edits it would require. This can be best checked by looking at the PDF which will exactly show how the design is made. It will also include the total number of stitches for each design. If you are looking for the right color codes, that will also be mentioned here. 

Step 5, Convert to the best Embroidery

Once you have received the designs, carefully copy the right format which is required for your embroidery machine into a USB and then plug your USB into the embroidery machine and feel free to use it. This will help you to get the best artwork without mixing it with other formats which will not be compatible with your machine. 


If you follow all the steps carefully and make sure to provide the right information to your supplier, you will get your desired embroidery within the right time frame and with the best quality for yourself or your customer. 

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